Message from a resident to Truckee Airport’s 1% jet-setters: Respect us and our quiet Sierras

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Lake Tahoe November 16, 2014

A few days before the Lake Tahoe Summit, to be attended by President Obama, we have received a message from Brad, a Truckee resident for 14 years. His message is addressed to private jet owners, passengers and other pilots using the Truckee Airport located in the middle of High Sierras and near the iconic Lake Tahoe.

Thanks to some of the $4.5 million in annual property tax subsidy from local residents, the Truckee Airport has been promoting recently on its Facebook page private jet flights to Truckee, as well as stunt flights over Lake Tahoe, despite increasing complaints from local residents who see a negative impact of jet noise on home values, health, quality of life, and the environment. The vast majority of these environmentally-destructive luxury private jet flights are purely optional since nearby commercial airports, such as the one in Reno, are available to anyone who chooses air travel.

This Truckee resident is making an appeal to all those responsible for such flights and noise pollution to show respect for local neighbors and “our quiet Sierras.”

Respect us and our quiet Sierras

“I moved to Truckee 14 years ago, and I must say the plane noise is worse than I can ever remember. The idea that the [Truckee] airport serves 1% of Truckee locals, but we wake up and go to sleep to the noise every day is crazy.

The free country argument is great but ultimately boils down to arrogance…I’m going to do whatever I want!

This is the High Sierra – not sure some folks get that – this is straight up noise pollution.

It is fantastic that some folks have nifty flying toys that they can zip around in the air with, but some respect is in order. The noise is more noticeable to the local public than any local pilot would like to admit. Some mornings the noise is so intense that my cats run under the deck, and I don’t even live under the direct fly path!


Respect our quiet Sierras, please.


Local district residents who pay the annual subsidy, as well as any visitors to the area, can report plane noise and register their complaints on the Truckee Airport website. They can also attend Truckee Airport board meetings. District voters can also run in local elections to serve on the board.

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